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Quit Tools
Days until Mardi Gras
Quitting is hard work. We’ve put together some tools to make it a little easier.
Louisiana Tobacco-Free Living
Louisiana Tobacco-Free Living* QUIT WITH US, LA offers free resources and support tools to help you quit smoking and using tobacco, so you don’t have to go it alone.
Register with the Louisiana Smoking Cessation Trust
Register with the Louisiana Smoking Cessation Trust* The Louisiana Smoking Cessation trust offers support for counseling and prescription medications to help smokers who qualify quit.
Talk to your doctor
Talk to your doctor Smokers who have the support of their doctors are more likely to succeed at quitting.1 Visiting your doctor to talk about quitting is an important first step. Your doctor can give you support, counseling, and treatment.
Quit Circle App
Download the Quitter's Circle App Quitter’s Circle helps you quit smoking with the support of friends and family, as well as shareable resources. With your Quit Plan, you can set Quit Goals for when and how you want to quit smoking and set milestones for yourself throughout your quit journey, including doctor visits, the start date of any treatment options recommended by your doctor, and more. Download the Quitter’s Circle app and start your new quit journey today!
The American Lung Association in Louisiana
The American Lung Association in Louisiana* The American Lung Association offers Freedom From Smoking, a program that teaches skills and techniques to help smokers quit.